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F G Evans

I notice that on Amazon you can place items in a basket which is then saved for 90 days. I am tempted to get the Westwing series 1 & 2 for £34.99. I was just wondering if i place this item in a saved basket, will the price stay the same or will the price change should the item on general sale increase in price. I dont know how long amazon will sell that box set for that price as its quite a bargain.


Thats a very good question - I didn't notice that option but it would be very useful if the price did stay the same.


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This happened to me once. The price will not stay the same but you will get a message in the basket informing you that the price on the item has changed and it will show the new price instead of the previous price.


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I did what you're suggesting with a book (before christmas), and when I went back to it several weeks later, the price had altered. I would presume it's the same for all their goods.
And besides, at that price, I'd get it why it's there if I were you.... I did :D I was tempted to wait to see if I could wangle another £3 introductory offer voucher, but decided against taking the chance.
Go on, grab the bargain while you can :smashin:


You actually need to order it.
The method I have used in the past is order the item with a preorder that has a release date some months in the future. Make sure you select ship together !
Then both will sit as the price you got when you ordered. Remember you need to make your mind up before the 2nd item is released. You can always cancel the 2nd item & the 1st will ship or just cancel both

F G Evans

Just did what you said - ordered West Wing 1 & 2 with the Last Samurai. The order will not be dispatched until May 2004. I can relax knowing that come what may i will now only have to pay a maximum of £34.99 for West Wing, hopefully less if they introduce any new vouchers. I can simply cancel The Last Samurai just before it is due to be dispatched.


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I have the opposite problem. I ordered two copies of shogun which amazon had a misprice on but needed something else to make up the value to £25+ so ordered star trek the motion picture at £6.29 that was in the sale. I know its a bit slow but really fancy watching stmp but have to wait until april. I daren't change the order in anyway in case it causes problems with shogun which I ordered at about £11 but is now £28+.

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