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Wasn't sure where else to put this. What does this mean:


Setup is: HTPC > AVR > TV, all via HDMI. Everything is HDCP certified.

And a general observation about the error: If I don't reconnect anything up, how will it work? :D


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Probably a HDMI/HDCP handshaking problem somewhere along the line.

If you bypass the AVR and go straight to the TV see if it works that way. If it doesn't then you should try updating your graphics card driver.

If none of those solve it try other HDMI cables if you have them.


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I'm still getting this.

Windows 8.1 N x64, AMD Readeon HD6450 with the lastest drivers (April this year).

The weird thing is it works fine through the PS3 'app', which uses exactly the same cable and path (through the AVR) so HDCP is good all the way.

Tried both Chrome and IE. I'm wondering if it's the fact I'm using the 'N' edition of Windows (because I don't need the built-in players), but this might mean some required components are missing?

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