Question Amazon Prime watchlist not updating on Apple TV


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Since owning my Apple TV 4K the Amazon Prime app has never updated my current watch list.
I can Watch halfway through a season of a series on the app on my TV but I soon as I want to continue on the Apple TV on my Projector It’s like Ive never watched that particular series.
No episodes come up as being viewed.
Is it just me or are others suffering this issue?


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Out of curiosity, I experimented with it just now. It didn‘t update progress until I closed the app on my tv completely. Leaving the app without closing it resulted in the same lack of sync as you’re getting.
It does work perfectly the other way round, ATV to TV app even if the ATV is just paused.
It was a limited experiment though, just testing progress through one episode.
I tend to use the ATV all the time for Prime as, somehow, it consistently gives me a better PQ than any other device. No idea how or why, but it does,

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