Amazon prime sound problem


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Streaming amazon prime series in 4K
Wireless router 55mbps
Samsung ks8000
Yamaha yas101 sound bar

Perfect picture but really bad sound interference.
When the sound is quiet it's fine but as soon as there is talking or loud sounds it's accompanied by a 1/4sec buzz. It's constant
I used to have a slightly similar problem when streaming through fire stick but it was slightly different and more intermittent

Any ideas?


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Did a soft reboot of tv (second time after losing wireless connection)

Seems ok now

On a side note, the 4K picture on amazon prime looks fantastic


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I've got a sound problem with Amazon Prime on the LG TV app. Sorry to sound daft but what is a soft reboot of a TV? Haven't had Prime long and can watch it through the blu ray player but easier to use TV app if poss.

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