Amazon prime day goodies. Mesh wifi


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I have wanted a mesh system for some time due to poor wifi reception in my gaming room and wanting some wirless PCVR so being amazon prime day and all i just splurged

I went for a 2 pack of tenda MW12 mesh WiFi blocks for £130 on Amazon prime day.
Supports PPPOE, backhaul, it's triband and they have 4 gigabit Ethernet ports.
I read the more units you have the more latency it can add when routing which cant be a good thing for wireless VR which is a very big part of my purchase justifcation so figured 2 would be good for me (house and garden not that big and if I hook up to my wired.ethernet and put one in my games room on back haul and one in the centre of the house it will give full cover.

I hope it's a good one I spent ages looking . Wanted a balance between cost and performance and I hope this is it.

I will post back when i get around to trying wireless vr on it. with my current set up i can only do it in the room with my router which is not what i want.

I didnt go for wifi 6 because the good ones are too expensive and was advised the higher end non wifi 6 are better than the cheap wifi 6 ones.

I didnt get the amazon eero due to no PPPOE support and issues with double NAT on most uk isps.


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I don't think you'll be disappointed. I have the TP Link Deco and I can use my headset wirelessly around the house.


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ok mesh arrived and set up Got air link working after i realised i cant use my router for the wired network it has to be on the same network as the mesh, so need to plug into that. luckily i have 8 port switch so that is ok.
its way better than it was but not perfect. noticed the odd judder and every now and then some artefacts due to streaming.

So wired is definitely better but it is more than usable. that, combined with the excellent cover i now have around the house i am happy with the £130 spent on mesh.... and also impressed with the completly free wireless pclink. that kind of thing costs £100s a few years back.

only games tried were mountain goat mountain (yes i love that gmae when i only have a few mins) on oculus store and 1976 back to midway on steam. not tried any fast moving games yet.
Sounds good!

This is where me having a small flat comes in handy, don't need to mess around with any of that stuff cos my router is only a few feet away from my headset. 😁

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