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First a few things:

1: I have Amazon Prime, which, if you have an Echo gives you for free a selection of free music. I think it's either 1 or 2 million tracks total.

2: I also have paid extra for Amazon Music Unlimited, the £7.99 one, not the £3.99 one that ties it to a single device as that's just too limiting for me.

3: I have an Echo. Of course :)

Now, I know you can share Prime Benefits with other members of the same household, so say that I did that, and created an Amazon account for another family member, and put them on my shared Prim membership thing. I believe Amazon call it a household.

I then register another Echo to this other persons Amazon account. Remember I am the one with the Prime account.

Will this other person, be able to play ANY music on their echo, via this account linking?

I'm not expecting them to be able to have access to my Music Unlimited, as that would I'm sure then be classed as a family plan.
But what about just the free Prime 1 or 2 million tracks which you get as a prime member with an echo.

Would they at least get those, or get nothing ?

Thanks in advance.

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