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Amazon gets even worse

just slackin'

Established Member
just read this article on amazon:


they have been cancelling premium orders - apparently by mistake.

a couple of parts in the article jumped out at me

'"We fully intend to fulfill these orders," he said. The orders will be fulfilled by 31 March, as previously promised - we have always kept customers in the loop on ship dates, he added. The cancellations were a "mistake".

The spokesman stressed the supply problem is one the whole games industry is facing, not just Amazon.co.uk. The issues doesn't affect the Xbox 360 Core system, which lacks the 20GB HDD pack and the wireless controller, he said.'

the supply problems seem to have been sorted out by everybody else. i could go into town and get one right now if i wanted. don't get me started on their claim that 'they have always kept their customers in the loop on ship dates - it is simply not true!!

then the real beauty...

'The supply issues appear to extend to software too. Amazon.co.uk has begun charging an extra £10-12 for certain Xbox 360 titles, including Call of Duty 2, Dead or Alive 4, Project Gotham Racing 3, Full Auto and Kameo: Elements of Power.'

i checked, and it's true!!


i have never heard the likes of that before - again i could buy each of those games in town for less than the price amazon are now charging.

have amazon gone mad? are they trying to get back at microsoft? or are we about to see a change in the way web retailers do business.


Established Member
A 12 pound sourcing fee?? PER GAME?? Holy crap! Could the people who had to order their 360s from somewhere other than Amazon because of their cock-up charge Amazon 25% of the price of a console as a "sourcing fee" too??

Not entirely sure how Amazon think this is going to work, considering all those games are in stock in pretty much every retail outlet and online games vendor at reduced prices...





Established Member
I was so skeptical that what I was reading was true I thought you had done some URL manipulation to make to appear there was an additional £12 fee but after checking via the Amazon homepage I am totally amazed - there's obviously a wonkey gear somewhere in Amazons brain if they believe this is in anyway a suitable method to cope with supply issues.

Incredible that they also expect you to wait 2 weeks for delivery after paying over £60 for a game you can buy for £40 from a whole range of other retailers.


Established Member
does that mean that they are now charging £62 for one game ????:D amazing , will anyone actually buy them from amazon ........ if they do then they obviously have more money than sense ...... is that even legal , selling games at more than the rrp ???


Established Member
You can sell most items for what ever price you want...hehe.

This is amazing though :eek: . I just ordered a whole bunch of stuff from Amazon.co.uk but clearly won't be getting ANY of my 360 games from them at this rate. I agree that they have clearly COMPLETELY LOST IT!:rotfl:

Completely off topic though, I did pick up Van Helsing from them today for under £2 which I thought was reasonable.


Distinguished Member
i was stung by amazon over my 360, but have ordered loads of stuff from them since and they have been excellent.

eg. logitech z5500 speakers, £188. play.com £279

Toshiba sd350e HDMI dvd player £61, play.com £79

dont know what they're up to with those games though?


Established Member
Yeah, I get almost all of my media (books, dvds, games and music) through Amazon and have never had a complaint. Just the Xbox stuff is very very very strange.

Off Topic: I enjoyed Van Helsing :rolleyes:. Guess that my c:censored: taste in movies is showing through.:D

The Fuggler

Prominent Member
$108 for a game on amazon.co.uk vs $60 on amazon.com :eek:

Do you think they've fallen out with Microsoft per chance?


Established Member
I think that Amazon must have been reading this thread - the price is down now to £39.99 - with no sourcing fee!


Distinguished Member
I can't believe amazon still haven't fulfilled pre-christmas/december xbox 360 premium orders. What a farce!

Indiana Jones

Distinguished Member
Maybe they are trying to claw back the money from the 360 games they mispriced at £29.99 back in August, managed to get COD2, Kameo, Quake 4 and Condemned at that price each :thumbsup:


Prominent Member
I think they are reading this thread! All prices back to normal.

But seriously, it's obviously gotten them so much bad publicity and cancelled orders they have gone back on themselves and put prices back to normal. Amazing how quickly things happen on the internet.

The Fuggler

Prominent Member
Hehehe. I sent a complaint to them and got a 'we've no idea what you're talking about response'! :rolleyes:

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