Amazon Firestick Video Jitter with JVC Projector


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I am using an Amazon 4K Firestick with a JVC DLA X5900 and have noticed jitter issues with the video playback.

The video seems to jolt two or three times a second, this is most apparent when you are watching moving scenes, for example a car driving across the screen or where the camera pans a scene.

We have also noticed the video seems to jolt forward every minute or so, almost like it's been buffering the frames and the re-adjusted itself.

The jitter occurs with both Netflix and Amazon Prime content to varying degrees.

The jittering is not something that drifts in and out, either it's there all the time through a program or it's not. We have seen the jitter issues frequently on Hinterland and we noticed it was extremely bad in the Wolf Creek Series (ironically on the Shudder channel!) where it almost made it unwatchable.

In contrast, we rented the first Harry Potter on Amazon Prime the other night and it played perfectly with no jitter even on the fast action scenes.

We experience no issues when watching content on our Sony 4K Blu Ray machine. From watching “Ready Player One” on 4K BluRay down to “'Allo 'allo” on DVD the video is perfectly smooth.

We are using the Firestick with a DENON AVRX3600 AV amp. To rule out any issues with the amp, I plugged the Firestick direct into the projector and we still have the same image problems.

Because of this it looks like the issue is with the Firestick, or at least how it's communicating with the Projector.

The Firestick is connected via Ethernet and we have a very good Virgin connection which is consistently 40-100Mbps so I can't see that being an issue.

I have tried changing pretty much every setting on the Firestick; from 50Hz, 60Hz, Auto and toggling "Keep Original Frame rate" but none of these make any difference.

I even tried setting the firestick to 720p and the juddering still existed.

The projector is set up to leave the image alone, no additional processing is active so it shouldn't be trying to process the image.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi. I have similar problem on jvc x5000. Please see photo attached. If anyone knows what it could be. I use firestick 4K. The letters are glitching.


  • Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 13.30.56.png
    Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 13.30.56.png
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