Question Amazon Fire TV cube with KODI? Any good? and what settings do I need on Audio?


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Hi guys

Has anyone got an Amazon Fire TV Cube and use
Latest KODI version on it with no issues?
Managed to find one for £90

I still have my Fire TV Box 2nd generation, but
I do want HDR and the echo features, plus I think the cube has more audio codecs support than my 2nd Gen box?

I have a buyer for my old box for £50, it’s 5 years old so unsure what to do, just means if I sell it the new cube only cost me £40 theoretically 👍🏻


On my current 2nd gen box, after installing the new KODI version, I’m watching movies that have DTS or Dolby etc, but I’m unsure as to what settings to use and the same when I get the new cube

see screenshots attached

when I go into KODI sound settings, it says select number of channels..

I have a 5.1 speaker setup but my Denon AVR is 7.1

When I select 2.0 and allow passthrough, I get this display on my AVR screen which is Dolby? That’s correct and best sound?

but when I select number of channels 5.1 or 7.1 and turn passthrough on or off, I only get PCM... surely PCM isn’t as good?


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