Do ship region 1 titles to the UK? can anyone also give me some other region 1 websites other than,, and
Yes, they do.

Use the cheapest shipping option - it took around a week last time I tried. are good too, though you pay when ordering, not when they ship.
I use frequently. As Confucius said, go for the cheapest posting option and you should get a 10 day turnaround. (I work in the city which gets a more efficient post service than non-london rural communities, so it may take longer if you live in a small isolated hamlet).

Amazon also have a good range of deleted and second hand products. I've just got a copy of the deleted "Bride Of Re-animator", and a baragian it was too at £20!!!
Not sure what its like for you in Ireland but in the UK you are almost certain to be caught by customs if your order from Amazon is over our tax free limit of £17.99. You are then liable to import duty, VAT and the royal mail admin fee. This is a problem as Amazon declare the true value of goods unlike other e-tailers, also customs have heard of them !

DVD Soon are cheaper declare a customs value of C$12 per item even for boxsets, but can be slow to despatch, also charge on order not shipping.
Yes Amazon do declare the value of their goods, but as of yet I've never been asked to pay any additional charges. I've had boxes with upto 4 items in sent to me.

Play always declare their items as gifts, despite the fact it's obvious it's an item mailed from a corporation.

Never had a problem with ezy.dvd (Australia) either, in as far as extra charges.
Was caught by customs with a 2 disk order from Amazon
Seems this is common from comments on other forums.

Ezydvd usually okay as they underdeclare the customs value, problem is if item is a boxset or similar (any item where they list a price which says it includes international insurance usually boxsets) as they declare the true value on these items. Again I got caught.

With Play I think you would be very unlucky to be caught as they reship from Brussels and so customs are not looking out for their packages.
It's hit/miss with customs.
I've ordered $100+ before from Amazon and not got stung, but then had VAT added to a $40 package.
I use them along with a whole string of suppliers. You certainly can't fault their customer service, even when buying the 2nd hand stuff.
Ive been ordering from Amazon for 3 years and have had up to 8 disks sent at one time ,ive never had to pay duty.
I got hit with customs from Amazon with 5 CDs. The boxes that they use are HUGE!! :mad: Amazon declare the exact value , including p&p, in a nice big font :( Now I use them very rarely (e.g. if there's a CD I'm after that I can't find elsewhere) and I make sure my order doesn't exceed £17.99 (using a conservative exchange rate).

Btw, is often cheaper than .com (but not always).

I've started using for some of my R1s since Confucius mentioned them as I needed an alternative to Future Ent (for obvious reasons) - very happy with them so far and they're dirt cheap! :)
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I know this guy, and this guy ordered porn from America. And before this guy did it, he mailed and asked if it would get through. This guy lives in Ireland too, and they told him that nearly everything gets through to Ireland, but Northern Ireland and the UK often have problems.

Can remember this guy's name though...

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