DVD players NOT multi-region?

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    I've just had a frustating experience buying a Sony DVP-NS76H from

    These players are sold as 'multi-region capable', which I assumed meant it was already multi-region (not an unrealistic assumption, since I should imagine every player is 'capable' of being made multi-region). Recieved the player, but it would not play non-region 2 DVDs. Assumed this was a mistake (the box was still sealed, so they had obviously not done any hack themselves), and returned player for a replacement. All credit to Amazon - their returns procedure is excellent - no questions asked, given a link to DHL to arrange pickup day for the player to be returned (which is when DHL did turn up), and the replacement player was dispatched so quickly it arrived before the old player with picked up!

    However - replacement player was also sealed, and had not been hacked. Emailed Amazon costumer services, and the reply I got stated something like 'this problem is more widespread that we imagined'. Not sure what this means, but the upshot is that they couldn't supply me with a multi-region player, so I'm having to return it again, this time for a refund (I'm working on some sort of compensation "terribly disappointed I won't have this in time for Christmas, as was promised...sniff, sniff" - worth a try). Sp now one is on its way to me from Superfi instead, and this time it had better be multi-region!

    I know you can hack these players yourself, but not without a OneForAll remote, and I wasn't prepared to fork out the extra for something i idn't really need. (It struck me today that I should have tried to get a remote from Amazon, and then just return it after I'd used it!)

    Has anyone else had a problem with Amazon's "multi-region capable" DVD players? Certainly the last DVD player I bought a few years back came from Amazon was sold as multi-region, and was. Is this problem widespread? If so, this is a warning to anyone who may be considering buying from them.
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    Kirkcaldy (but i'm not a Fifer)
    I have seen this "multi-region capable" statement before,and my first thought is always that the seller has done nothing to it,and it is a standard Region 2 player.
    In my opinion,this statement is intended to be misleading,because it can have the effect of making the buyer think they are getting a multi-region player out of the box,when in fact they are getting a standard Region 2 machine.
    As you quite rightly point out,all dvd players are "capable" of playing all regions,but they will usually need some kind of modification to do so.

    If in any doubt,its always best to ask.

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