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My wife is after a new running watch. She currently has a basic garmin but the HRM has cracked and blisters her wrist.
She likes the idea of an Apple Watch but I know she’d go nuts having to charge it everyday. Plus they’re expensive!
She wants a nice looking watch, with the ability to change the straps, GPS would be nice, but it also can’t be massive as she has small wrists.
The Amazfit GTS looks like a knock off Apple Watch, but is it any good?
I’ve looked at the vivoactive 3 (I have the vivoactive 2 and it’s been faultless) and the Vivomove HR. I’m concerned they are a little big.
I’ve avoided Fitbit as she had one before that also blistered her wrist but pretty much straight from the box. The garmin was fine until it was cracked.


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Also is the series 3 Apple Watch still worth looking at? Must be getting long in the tooth now.


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Not in the least, and at 38mm or 42mm may be more suited to your wifes smaller wrists.
Also the 3 is still on sale at Apple so that tells you it’s not ‘getting long in the tooth’ !
Probably some BF deals still about.


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The daily charging has put her back in the other brands market.


Wife had an series 1 apple watch that needed charging every day along with her iphone.
She tried an Android phone and loves it so got her a rose gold GTS for xmas.
2 weeks battery and looks great.



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Nice. Where did you buy from?

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