Am I wasting my time and money


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Hi All,

Long time since I've had some time to come back to this forum.

So have a question on whether I am wasting my time and money investing in a new AV Amp or not.
My current setup in the lounge;-
TV: Panasonic TH-50PZ70B ( Yes I know an old TV !)
Amp : Yamaha RX V100D
PS3 (mostly used for the odd game, playing DVD's and streaming from my NAS)
Sky: Standard TV viewing
Amazon FireTV (Streaming pics, videos, music from my NAS and use of Kodi)
Speakers: 5.1 Keff KHT1005

Now my surround sound setup is not the greatest due to the placement of my TV and speaker (see pic attached).

So what I want to know.

Currently I have only 2 HDMI connections for my TV and so need to have a HDMI switch for my PS3 and FireTV. The other HDMI is used for my Sky.

To get around this, I was thinking of investing in a new amp where I could put all my HDMI sources into the amp then 1 HDMI into my TV. Now I was thinking of getting an AMP with upscaling on it too. Where I am a little confused is whether it would be worth investing in an amp which upscales or not. Will the picture from my SKY (SD channels) be any better ? Or am I completely missing the point?

My other question is the placement of my TV (at some point I really want to replace my TV with a 4K TV - but currently can't justify as my current TV is working fine, unless I can get a decent trade in!).

My TV is at an angle and my speaker layout is not the greatest ! I have a 5.1 setup but not really well placed. I am concerned if I have the TV flat against the wall, that with the size of the TV, it will just be too close and not comfortable viewing. Any suggestions to get a better sound and viewing experience? See Pic of my layout attached. My lounge is 11ft wide (wall to wall). Am I better of with a soundbar or something ?

Any help/advise appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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I can't see the layout of the rest of the room, and why you have the Tv mounted that way. Looks odd, and makes your speaker placement odd too. I would mount flat to the wall and mount the speakers either side, with the centre below/above......defo first upgrade.

Most AVRs you will buy will have Upscaling, whether it is better than the upscaling in the existing TV is unknown. But neither will turn SD Sky to HD Sky.

It is probably time for another AVR though - what's your budget?


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personally i would put the tv on the stand - you could position your speakers to much better effect, assuming you sit opposite, 11ft is a long way and i can quite happily sit in front on a 92" screen at that distance, currently sit in front of 120" at 14-17ft happily.
i have also used a splitter for hdmi for a while but yes a new amp with more inputs would definitely be easier and tidier.
could you not just try moving the tv and seeing if it looks too big?


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Thanks both.
Picture of the rest of the room attached.
I've put the tv flat against the wall as it swivels and the picture quality just looks overly pixelated, but that could be as it's an old plasma and it looks like a big screen.

Budget is about 300 ish.


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I'm still going with flat to the wall for the TV, and I'd move the sofa over to sit in front of the TV, instead of it facing the fireplace.

I'm not a fan of 4K TV yet, the resolution is rarely visible (might be for you though), and HDR is bringing its own headaches (newer hdmi /AVR, UHD players etc). As SkyQ (and subscriptions), plus UHD costs (versus DVD), I think you could consider a stunning classifieds Bargain as others move to 4K. You will get a bigger viewable screen, without the big frame, for about the same size TV. E.g. Panasonic VT or even ZT are getting offloaded at silly prices, and they may be a good next step. It's also easier to justify ....


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@2funky Three things. One, I agree with the others that you should get as close to the television as possible. Two, you really won't get much for your existing 50" Panasonic television, I would guess at £250 maximum. Does it do 3D? If not, 50" Pioneer LX5090 plasmas are struggling to be sold for £200 currently. Three, I agree that maybe you could look for a second-hand 65" Panasonic or 64" Samsung plasma.


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Hi All,

So I put the above thread up a year ago and didn't move forward with a new TV or AV receiver. Having now gone over a year with my setup as-is, it's definitely time for an upgrade.

So going through so many threads and trying to figure out what my best option are, I am still no closer on deciding what TV and AV amp to upgrade to !! So again I ask for your help, on what you think I should be looking to do.

Current Set-up:-
TV: Panasonic TH-50PZ70B (looking to upgrade)
Amp : Yamaha RX V100D (looking to upgrade)
PS3 (mostly used for Sky Go to watch sports - brothers extra sky go account! Odd game. Not really looking to upgrade this)
Sky: Standard TV (SD mostly, some HD content. I may think to upgrade to Sky Q at some point)
Amazon FireTV (Netlix HD, Streaming pics, videos, music from my NAS and use of Kodi)
Speakers: 5.1 Keff KHT1005

As per posts above, I will be looking to move my TV centrally on the wall with my main couch directly opposite (so it's more square). Viewing distance will be about 9ft from the TV. I have another couch in my room which will have about a 35deg viewing angle. Most of the time no-one will be on the couch, but on occasion there will be people around.

The first issue I have on my current setup is that I have a HDMI switch, so when I want to switch between the SKY TV, FireTV, PS3 - it's annoying to have to get-up and use the switch to change. This is one of the big reasons I want to upgrade my AV receiver, so I can feed my sources through the amp. Secondly - I was hoping to get a little better picture if I was to go for a AV receiver which upscaled ?? (or am I missing something?).

I think I should be going for a 55" TV (keep thinking 65" would be too big and may overpower the room and I may also keep noticing any imperfections in picture quality!?).

LED v OLED... Now if money was no object, then I would definitely for an OLED. However given that I'd like to upgrade the TV and the AV amp, I don't want to over-spend (given how much time I actually get to watch TV !!! - but would like something I will be happy with when I do watch it). An OLED looking around would set me back at least £1300, then another £350(ish) for a new AV amp would take me to nearly £2k. BUT if I stick with a good 55" LED for approx. £750 and an a new AV receiver - then it's just over a 1k. So at the moment, I am leaning very heavily towards an LCD v the OLED option (might even get some better looking black 5.1 speakers ;-)..

So really after a little guidance on options for a TV and AV amp. Went into RS today and they were really pushing on the OLED option, but I'm not sure I can justify the additional spend at the moment. Given its BF - I'd like to get these purchased, so any help would be again much appreciated.

Also one last question, do any retailers offer anything in way of a part exch on the my TV and amp and possible speakers ?

Thanks in advance

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