Am I using the wrong media with EH60?


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I am attempting to transfer some F1 footage from the HD of my DMREH60 to DVD.

I have bought some TDK DVD +RW 1-4xspeed discs ('DVD Rewriteable/DVD reinscriptable). As I write this I hope you are not now reading this and shaking your head at my schoolboy error?! :(

When I try to dub I get a 'Cannot dub. This is a non-recordable disc' message. I cannot seem to format the disc (not an option when I select DVD and go to Functions > To others....


Fred Smith

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The EH60 or EH60D do not support +RW for recording only playback.


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Purchase some DVD-R discs from SVP I use the Datawrite Yellows 4x and 8x and also the Ridisc inkjet printables.

Also purchase some DVD-RAM discs for re-recording over and over again. These are what I use on my EH60D and my three other Panasonic recorders and they all work. Last Ram discs I obtained from SVP were also Ridisc make but they pnly seem to have the Datasafe and Panasonic Ram discs in at present.


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I would recommend using Ritek disks if you intend to keep the recording for some time.

Some of the cheaper disks tend to "loose" the data after a while.

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