Am I using best hookup for PW5?



I have Sky connected via RGB to VGA QED Sync which gives an excellent picture.
My Arcam DV27 is connected progressive scan from player direct to a component board on the Panasonic 37" PW5. This picture is also excellent.

I was just wondering if there are any other ways to hook up or possibly improve the quality further.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.


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From the advice I have read, it sounds like you have things sorted.

The only thing you could consider is swapping the QED for a JS Technology instead ( but not really sure if this would help that much.

You could also consider adding a external scaler/doubler to improve on the internal Panny one - something like an iScan Ultra or iScan HD or Lumagen Vision/Vision Pro.



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What our product, the RGB to Plasma VGA unit, will allow is a better choice of cables. Since we don't tie you down to using one brand, you can swap these to get an even better picture. As an example, with my system, I use a Bettercables VGA lead from Joe (The Media Factory) and it really does give an excellent picture.

Also, since our product has a computer on board, it get rid of annoying Macrovision to give true H-sync and V-sync signal. We've also designed the product using broadcast quality componetns. What this means is that when the action gets hot on screen, our unit doesn't miss a beat!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.



Thanks for your reply.

Do you do a gizmo that allows connection of Sky and DVD component in one box, then just one VGA lead from that to the panel. Therefore losing the RCA board and 5 mtr component lead I have at present. It would have to be an improvement as I have already obviously paid for these items already.

Many thanks.

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