Am I the only one to use a rear centre?


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I currently use a rear centre which is sitting on top of a CD revolving shelving unit but am having real problems getting a proper stand for it so that it can be lifted to the same level as the rear left and right speakers. This is a centre channel speaker and not a bipole or standard stereo speaker. This is far from ideal but is complicated by the fact that I'm about to move to another fron centre and move the KEF Q9C to the centre rear. This speaker will be too big for the CD tower - even if it wasnt I still wouldnt want to put it there!

Therefore its led me to think that there is no demand for such a thing or people are coming up with alternatives (ie shelving or making there own!)

Ok so who uses a rear centre speaker ?


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I've got an MS905 in the loft waiting to be mounted, in the meantime I have a Wharfdale:


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cheechy said:
Lol thanks. Do you want to expand on how it is placed? Would appreciate your input.

As you'll see in my signature line, I have six Kef eggs - all apart from the front centre are stand mounted.




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Lol ok fair enough - thanks for posting. I should have read the fact you had eggs from your sig.



if it doesn't have to be freestanding, put a shelf on the wall to hold the speaker, or even just shelf brackets

for my centre front speaker i had a similar problem to hold it above the top of my pio505 which is 80cm from base/stand. i had a pair of old wharfdale speakers and put one on top of the other and put the center on top (with a couple of old ps1 games to lift it that little bit more) and that did the trick!

if/when i upgrade to 6.1 or 7.1 i'm going to have to probably do the shelf trick and keep the centre up high, otherwise it would look odd in the room or be to close to the sofa

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