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Am I setup correctly ???

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by mr nice, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. mr nice

    mr nice

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    Well after months of browsing this forum I finally purchased the following...
    Pannasonic PW7
    DVD Home Theater system Pannasonic SC-HT37R the model of the DVD is a DMR-E85H

    Well it works like a dream and all for under £3000 quid from AV Sales including cables, 2 years extra warrenty wall mount etc. I have connected everything up and it all works but I am wondering if I have missed anything. Here what I have done.
    Connected the PW7 plasma output to the component video out of the DVD. Then I have a sky box which I connected Via a scart lead to the DVD player labelled AV2. Then I just connected the DVD to the home theater system as the manual says using opitical fibre leads and some other leads.
    Anyway all works ok BUT when I press the input select button it goes through AV1, AV2 etc and the only channel that I get anything on is AV2 so I am assuming that none of my equipement has a tuner ?? its all coming from sky. Therefore I cant see anyway of using the picture in picture facitilty ??
    Also I have a Sony PS1 playstation is there anyway of connecting this bearing in mind it has on the standard RF coax connection ??
    I am thinking of upgrading to an XBOX how would I connect this does it come with a scart lead ???
    Anyway I no its a lot of questions but if you know the answers to any of them it would be appreciated. Likewise if anyone has any questions for me on the setup etc if you thinking about going the same road then let me know.
  2. hornydragon

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    Dec 19, 2001
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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    MR nice the AV amp has 2 scart inputs and one out put IIRC so you can connect Sky>amp, Xbox>amp and amp to DVDR.....
    HOwever best bet is to use XBOX via a component cable toanother component card on plasma (need to buy a lead for RGB on Xbox anyway) as for PSone £5 gets you the scart lead but think its composite only so would need to set E85 to input composite and output Component

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