Am I realistically going to be able to edit on my PC?


john i white

Hi Folks
I have 2 hours of Mini DV footage from a holiday in Venice. I have Adobe Premier 5.
The PC is:
Pentium 3
128 MB Ram

Free space:
C drive: 1.2 GB
D drive: 1.4 GB
E drive: 6.8 GB

Isit going to be possible to edit it at an acceptable TV quality for transfer to VHS? When I capture 1 minute of video with 'Perfect Video' software the .AVI file is 207 MB. Is it always going to be as large as this? I can't believe how large it is!

Sorry if this is a VERY overasked question!

I believe Premier can edit at low quality prior to the final rendering - does this help much?

Dubbing Mixer

Standard Member
Realistically, no. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you would need to be extremely patient, methodical and lucky to edit two hours of material on the configuration you have. The good news, well, storage is about £1 per GB these days and getting cheaper all the time. I reckon you could edit what you have on an 80GB drive. = £80 + vat If it's working on the configuration you have now, and that is all you want to do, add the storage and be happy. If you want all the whizzy fx and you don't want to go grey waiting for them to render, then you will need something a bit more serious. But, these days, even this doesn't mean a mortgage.

john i white

Thanks dubbing mixer. I didn't realise that Hard disc space was that cheap! Perhpas when I have some money I'll look into getting an extra hard drive. I believe PCs are a nightmare to do this stuff on.

As for effects - Id just want to do tasteful stuff. A few dissolves, fades etc and perhaps put in some clean 2 colour graphics like maps, titles etc.

Is Premier as bad as I hear it is?


Dubbing Mixer

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Hi John,

PCs do not have to be a nightmare for video editing, but they can be.

Premiere is overkill for what you describe. Pinnacle Studio 8 would be just fine and is widely regarded as one of the best starter packages for PC.

You don't say what speed your P3 is? Assuming it is fast enough you might want to consider increasing the amount of RAM to 256 or even 512MB. I think you will be equally pleasantly surprised by the current cost of SDRAM. The main hardware issue for simple video editing is the hard disk, followed by RAM. If the processor is quick enough to work with video at all, the only improvement from faster processors is quicker rendering of effects, crossfades and filters. With a really quick processor, some of this can be done in real time.

Even if you did want an all singing, all dancing software package unless you already know Premiere, I would look at Vegas Video 3 before buying Premiere.

The other thing you should look at is optimising your system for video editing. This usually amounts to making sure no other software is running in the background. E.g. the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, Fast Find, Task scheduler and so on. All of these can cause problems such as glitching on playback. There are loads of other threads dealing with these issues on these boards and at

The other thing you are going to need is a graphics card with TV out to transfer to VHS unless your present one does this already. Again, this doesn't have to cost a fortune. Something like an ATI Radeon VE can be had for around £50 maybe less by now.

PS Premiere 5.0 is buggy! 6.0 is better but not perfect, 6.5 is useful but not essential.

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