Am I one of the last to get rid of cd's/dvd's/blu rays?


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I might just be imagining a difference but I've done A/B comparisons between the USB stick and the CD on various favourite albums (Moondance, Songs In The Key of Life, The Trinity Sessions etc.) and the CD just sounds a tad fuller.

Whether there's a difference in how my Denon AVR4500 processes the binary code received from the USB music is doubtful, but on checking just now I was inclined to turn the volume down one db on that input at my usual wife-friendly volume (-16db) to prevent the music from travelling, probably solely down to confirmation bias of course.

However, there's also the fact that navigation via remote is easier using my Sony 4K player, and that - for me at least - even the small effort of putting in a physical CD just seems to make it more of an event to be enjoyed and cherished.
If you are using analogue out from your disc spinner when playing CD's then the difference you hear is most likely down to the difference in the quality of the DAC in the AVR and disc spinner.


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I've ripped all my CD's to FLAC/WAV now (approx. 250).
I still nave then stored in a cupboard.
I still buy music discs if there is a High-Res and/or surround mix option available.
Now streaming most of my music, either from my rips or streaming service. Do like the quality I'm getting from Qobuz, much better than Spotify

I have around 150 DVD's which I keep meaning to rip to a drive one day.
Not so many Blu-rays or 4K but still buying discs that I want the best quality from.
The quality from Sky and Netflix isn't as good as the disc, the pic and sound quality doesn't match the disc quality. However if I can rip the discs and maintain the quality it's something i would look into in the future.

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It's a pity that there isn't an option (and law) to be able to download 24 bit music for free if it exists, if one is still in possession of the CD. After all, the music industry is always telling us that we are paying for artistic copyright and not the medium, and we have already paid for it. Could be more difficult with vinyl and cassette to verify.


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I've got loads of Cds and have ripped them all to my music sever. I've got a very good Cd player but rarely use it now. My vinyl is all ripped and stored away. My mate and I still buy vinyl and he ripped them to hires. They sound marvelous when ripped properly. I just don't have the kit or expertise to rip vinyl. He's also a hoarder with a massive house.
My linn sondek is stored away at my other house.
But I play bluray every day. I buy bluray every week. And yes I even play dvd.
If you want the best PQ then bluray is the only option. Streaming from Netflix etc is substandard. I can't be bothered to rip 1000s of dvd and bluray.
As for storage. I've got massive bookcases full of my films, music etc. The Cds are tucked away but every now and then they get played.
I watch bluray for at least 4 hours every day. Its a great format. The best for video.


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When we moved house 10 years ago we tried to travel light so I ripped about 500 of my CD’s into iTunes/ALAC. Spent what seemed like weeks ripping them, checking, re-ripping, getting album art etc. I stored the discs at my parents house. I was adamant I’d only ever listen to lossless. What actually happened was that we started using Spotify and I’ve never used the ripped files. Eejit.
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Have a few BD and DVDs left but still have about 500 CDs (and a CD player :D :smashin: )

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