Am I on the right lines?


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I have dabbled with using a MCE HTPC but gave up when, despite trying both PCI and USB "Freeview" devices, my signal appeared to be too week (even thou all the STB's Iv'e used have worked without problems)
I have done some further reading on the forum and it appears that I could use a couple of STB's, which I have, and capture their output on PCI Freeview cards and then output that via the Graphics Card.
Have I got this right?
I also think I could use the MCE remote by connecting the extra "bits" from it over the receivers in the STB's. Can I? If so how does MCE know what STB's I'd be using, or doesn't that matter


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Not sure about your second Q, but you need an analogue TV card along the lines of a Hauppauge PVR-150 or 250 etc in order to feed a signal into it.......

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