Am I odd? 4 speakers.


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Does anyone else use 2 sets of speakers for normal stereo only? It seems overkill, and I'm guessing that audiophiles would say that two makes of speaker running at the same time will affect the soundstage or something... but I am addicted to running two pairs. Even though it means I've compromised on quality because the budget isn't spent on one stunning set, but two average ones.

It just seems a fuller sound - now I'm wondering if I should whack in another power amp and go for 3 pairs...


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I guess it depends on the music you listen to... if your trying to recreate a disco :rotfl:


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YES, If you have money to blow get one good set of speakers which will sound a lot better than a multitude of reasonable speakers.

By the way WHAT speakers and amp do you have and What is your new budget.


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I will be running a NAD c370 integrated amp, with a c272 power amp (thats a total of 270w output?)

Speakers are currently rubbish, the next step is to replace them, as budget is tight I am looking at second-hand really... perhaps Mission 753's - something along those lines.

Is there any single speaker pair that would come to life from bi-amping 270w?

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That was my intention run 4 speakers stereo front and stereo rear, I assumed all AV amps had that setting.......:eek: When I got my Arcam AVR200 home all wired to 4 floor standers - and No stereo stereo only prologic and other similar sort of settings :confused: :eek: , so I had to go the prologic route with stereo at front and fill in bits at the rear:mad: was hoping for the loud party type of atmosphere.

But with a bit of jiggerypokery wired a few bits differently and had my stereo back and front - much louder :smashin:

It did not take me long to think - where has the clarity gone, things sound confused and overlapped. Back to the prologic settings, not so loud but much much cleaner clearer and overall better - :lesson: So for loudness stereo stereo :smashin: for clarity and quality listening stereo with the slight fill ins for the rears:D

Now the rears are in storage while we ( I ) decorate and so I have concentrated on the stereo fronts and they are sounding pretty good, infact I am thinking of switching music listening just to stereo now:)
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