Am I Missing Something?



First off i'd like to say a big hello to everyone on this amazing forum!

Buying my first plasma didn't seem to be a problem but now it's like a living nightmare! I know what i want but when i check on here to see if i'm making the right decision something always changes my mind.

I currently own the Fujitsu PDS4208E-B but the poor thing's just blown up on me! I can't really moan as it's been an absolute pleasure owning it, plus the picture quality was amazing for its age.

I'm looking to buy the TH42PV500 Panny. Basically i want 42" (like the misses) HD ready, multi connections and a great picture. I have been looking around to find the best price and come accross this website...

I'm a little confused as it seems to be £500 less than most other sites. Am i missing something?

Any help/input would be greatly appreciated!



Sorry guys!

Can anyone recommend a place to buy the foresaid plasma from?


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Scott - you could try JL and there's any number of other reputable Internet dealers around. I can tell you that the PV500's seem to be like Hen's teeth though.

One of the very well respected dealers here is AV Sales.

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