Am I missing something with iPhone volume control?


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Okay, so firstly, 'volume limit' is off.

When listening via earbuds, the volume control gauge is in the middle, it's faint. Pushed all the way to the right hand side, it's loud but hardly 'blow you away' loud whilst listening to podcasts (non-music).

With music, arguably, the last 2/3 notches are probably loud enough to use for music (without causing damage to my ears).

Maybe I'm missing the obvious (as this was the same as it is on my IP4s as it was on my 3GS) - but what's the point in the rest of volume control if 80% of it is practically faint?

There's no calibration with itunes re: there?

There's a good chance I'm being OCD with this.
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I think is due to EU regulations on sound levels from music players, introduced in 2009 when they realised the youth was going deaf. Apple was then asked to lower the upper limit on EU models.

Apparently US iPods/iPhones can put out more power.


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You can also make music or podcasts louder by:

selecting track or podcast on iTunes
Press Cmd-I or right click -> Get Info
Under Options choose Volume Adjustment
move volume slider to the +100%


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What headphones are you using, get some proper in ear rubber bung ones, i cant turn mine up past 3/4 without it being drum shatteringly loud


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Also worth checking that the sound limit option isnt set to less that maximum under Settings > Music > Volume Limit.


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Just for info my 4s is very loud at around 3/4 volume. I do use decent noise cancelling headphones though. But I would say it is too loud to have it full.

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