Am I going to regret not following the OLED path?



Currently I have a TCl U75C7006 not satisfied with it at all, a lot of blooming, poor support and software is trash so time for an upgrade

Choice is between the Sony 85X95J and the LG OLED83C14LA

Price for the Sony 85X95J
-€3319 ( £2816.27)
-€500 ( £424.26) cashback
=€2819 (£2392)
+ an extra €100 (£84) credit on Playstation account

Price LG OLED83C14LA
-€4,295 (£3644)
-€300 (£254) cashback
=€3995 (£3389)

Important for me is of course the Picture quality, but also the ease of use, good support, and smooth app operation

In the store I found the Sony 85X95J playing very well next to the LG Oled, but a store is not at your home.
TV main usage is Netflix, Prime, Disney plus, series during the day, a movie at night (Maybe a PS5 soon)

Would I regret going for the Sony or am I going to make a better choice with the LG OLED?

Edit: What I hate the most about watching TV is Motion smoothing (soap opera effect)
so this must be able to be turned off 100%
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I don't think you can expect good support from any TV manufacturer, Sony and LG are just as bad as anyone in this respect. Smart TV platforms like mobile phone's have a shelf life, and will slow down after a few years. App updates will continue for longer, but will also trickle out eventually as the app developers stop supporting older software. Not much that can be done about that. LG usually don't update their WebOS version at all, Sony usually update 1 cycle of Android. This is even poorer than in the Phone market where many phones are supported and updated for 3-4 years now.

With a modern TV, some motion smoothing is more than likely required. It does depend how sensitive you are to motion though. If you know you are someone who can't stand motion hiccups and want to have as little as possible go for a Sony won't be perfect, but it will be the best you can find in this regard.

Think about techical differences between display technology and your own viewing conditions too.

For example:
View in pitch black conditions? OLED is the way to go
View from viewing angles tighter than 30-40 degrees? OLED.
View mainly during the day or with lights on? Save money with an LCD.
Prefer a brighter impactful image compared to refined? LCD
Don't mind motion stutter, but hate motion blur? OLED

..and so on.

You can also consider the risk of burn in if you have intended usage that includes media with lots of static elements on the screen often, certain games have this like FIFA, news channels on an OLED is definitely a no-go...and you need to go for LGs G1 or higher to get their 5 year panel warranty.

EDIT* forgot to mention re-smart TV support. TVs are using the same processors used in mid range phones sold around 2017-18. So that should give you an idea of how long smart TV will last. Buy a 2018 phone today, and its performance is not going to be as fast, or last as long as a flagship.

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