Am I Going Mad?


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Am I right in think that when watching Sky+ (or Sky Digital for that matter) when you press Select on the handset you normally get the channel/programme bar appear (the one that appears for a few seconds when you change channels)? My unit has stopped doing this when I just press 'Select' (assuming I'm not going mad) - anyone got the remotest idea why it would stop displaying this? It still appears when I change channels!


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Well I never:)

Mine does display the S&S banner when you press select, wasn't aware it did that.
Have you got the S&S banner timeout set to 0 seconds?


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Have you got the S&S banner timeout set to 0 seconds?
Cheers Starburst - that's precisely what I had done - must have happened by accident when I was changing some other settings.


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In the interests of pedantism :), I should point out that if you're watching a recorded program on Sky+, pressing select brings up the windy wheel playback graphic with the number of minutes elapsed. Which is quite handy sometimes.


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