Question Am I getting 4K resolution or not?


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Am I getting 4K resolution or not? Data pop-up says 1080p. Source is a 4K Ultra HD disc.

TV Setting Shot.jpg

If not, where have I gone wrong on my settings? Please comment on any other settings that you see are incorrect or less than ideal. Thanks.

Samsung UBD-K8500/ZA-Blu Ray Player 4K
Marantz SR5011-7.2 Channel A/V Receiver

Blu-ray Player


3D Settings:
—3D Bluray Playback Mode: Auto
—Screen Size: 65 inch
TV Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Original
Resolution: Auto
Movie Frame (24p): Disc Content: Auto/Streaming Content; Auto
DVD 24Fs Conversion: Auto
Fit Screen Size: Size 4
HDMI Color Format: Auto
HDMI Deep Color: Off


Speaker Settings: Not Available
Digital Output: Bitstream (Unprocessed)
PCM Downsampling: Off
Dynamic Range Control: Auto
Downmixing Mode: Surround Compatible
DTS Neo:6 Mode: Cinema
Audio Sync: O ms
HDMI Audio Output: Auto

A/V Receiver


Picture Adjust: Off

HDMI Setup
--HDMI Audio Out: AVR
--HDMI Pass Through: On
****Pass Through Source: Blu-ray
****RC Source Select: Power On + Source
--HDMI Control: On
****ARC: On
****TV Audio Switching: On
****Power Off Control: All
****Power Saving: On
****Smart Menu: On

Output Settings
--HDMI Video Output: Auto(Dual)
--Video Mode: Auto
--Video Conversion: On

i/p Scaler: HDMI
****Resolution (analog): Auto
****Resolution (HDMI): Auto
****Progressive Mode: Auto
****Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Video/TV Format: NTSC

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HDMI deep colour needs to be on EVERYWHERE, including TV. Switch off video conversion on the AVR. Make sure 4K video format is set to enhanced on the AVR.

You don't need the HDMI pass through enabled unless you plan to watch Blu-ray's without using your AVR for sound. I have mine set to my Sky Q input for normal TV viewing.


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Are your HDMI cables 4K UHD certified ?


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Thank you for the replies. I have made the suggested adjustments, except for turning off the HDMI pass through, which seems to be necessary for using ARC.

Curiously, I put in a normal blu-ray and the data pop-up showed 16:9 2160p ACM.

Is it possible I'm viewing 4K and that is the correct data display? Or maybe I'm viewing 4K and the data is wrong?

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You are definitely playing the right disc? I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve put the HD Blu-ray in the machine instead of the UHD.


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OK, I cabled the blu-ray player straight to the TV and that solved the resolution problem. Now I have to figure out how to get the sound to the AVR. Theoretically I know what needs to be done, but it may take me a while to actually make it work.

One concern is that the HDR (Standard) setting in HDMI1 does not have the color management system or trumotion available (among other things). HDMI2 still needs to go to the AVR so TV sound can go through to my speakers. I guess I can live with that, but I might want to get the TV professionally calibrated one day.

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