Am I entitled to a refund?



My Tosh 42wt29 has a fault with the widescreen mode with two horizontal bands across the screen where the image moves in and out of focus! V Strange. Anyway the Tv is only 8 weeks old and Comet have offered to repair it. My problem with this is a £2000 Tv should not need repairing after 8 weeks plus I don't want Comet tinkering about with it and lugging it around in there lorry without any packaging ect. If the Tv is faulty after 8 weeks am I entitled to a new replacement TV or refund rather than having it repaired? I have the 5 year warranty on it if that makes a difference.



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Its really down to the discretion of Comet as to whether they offer a new TV or repair. Personally I agree with you, an 8 week old repaired TV which costs £2000 isn't reasonable in my opinion. Ram home the fact you aren't happy about not being offered a new TV, and see what they say. I would bet good money though that because its Currys, Dixons or any other of these smuck retail stores, they will refuse to give you a new TV until the repair people have checked it over many times.

When they offer to take it away for repairs, tell them you want a replacement TV sitting in your house while your TV is being repaired. Bear in mind these repair sessions can take many many weeks.

Good luck.


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i had a similair situation with a samsung dvd player after 2 months it wouldnt play any films hardly after the layer change.i took it back an the where saying you need to have it repaired i refused an siad exactly like you after 2 months use it should not need repairing.they wasnt having it at all so i piced up the dvd player an said i would give trading standards a call,there attitude changed when they received a letter from me saying i give them 7 days for a replacement dvd player or a trip to small i would say to you play the trading standards card mate especially on a 2 grand tv ;)


i had the same problem and had to deal with the call center,i refused to let them take the tv origiinally and got a mastercare engineer out to my house,he couldnt see a problem
after two visits i let them take the tv away ,to the work shop ,they could see no problem,
i then took it upon myself to tackle the call center,bypass the general telephone operators,this takes time as they wont let you talk to the supervisor/ office managers, i manged to get his name by saying i wished to write a letter to him,
after at least aniother two weeks of refusing to take mastercares report { ie no problem } i faxed a letter to the director of the call center { obviously owned by curry comet dixon etc}
i just stated along the lines of you complaint that 1.5k on a tv for it to be so poor was not on,i had already contacted toshiba aswell
i could go on and in all it took about four weeks prior to faxing the boss at the call center ,it was sorted within 2 hours of the fax,off down to currys to choose any model of tv i wanred to the same value,they couldnt do enough
stick it out and dont loose your temper,argue in a fair logical way and im sure theyll agree with you
hope you get sorted

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