Am I damaging my PH9??


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Evening all

Well I took delivery of my PH9 today, and to cut a long story short I have no means to connect it until next week when the terminal boards, cabling and rgb2vga converter arrive.

Anyhow, I have managed to borrow a SCART - sVideo cable to get a picture to the panel as we're short of room to store the massive 2 boxes it came it, being nearly Christmas and all.

My god the picture is awful, barely in focus and colours barely even noticeable, question is am I damaging my screen (as well as my credability with you guys an d the Mrs!) by feeding it such rubbish straight out of the box? I've turned it off until someone can put my mind at rest.


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I think providing you take it out of dynamic mode and let it run in for the 200 hours i cant see why not.

I used to have the media box connected to my Panny screen and it was terrible - thank god the peeps on here recommended a little black JS box which sorted the picture out.

Although im no guru - i cant see why you would damage your screen using that setup, just do what i mentioned above. Oh and dont forget to smile you have just bought a brilliant Plasma screen - :thumbsup:


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