Am i connecting these right ?


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Hi everyone, I'm its covered somewhere, but I'm confusing myself by reading so much advice out there. I would just like to make sure i am connecting my devices correctly
I have, sky HD, HD tv with 3 HDMI inputs, Phillips HTS 6510, PS3
They are connected as follows:
sky HD via HDMI to hd tv
Phillips via HDMI to tv
PS3 via HDMI to tv
SkyHD to Phillips via optical

Am I getting the best out of all the systems with this set up ?
Your help is really appreciated


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in an ideal world you would connect all your sources to your amplifier to get surround sound however I don;t believe the your HTS has many/any source inputs i.e. HDMI, optical, yes I think your current setup is best case with the caveat that I am not 100% familiar with your setup.


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I'm not familiar with the Philips but if it has limited optical inputs (you don't appear to have the PS3 connected via optical) then buy a toslink splitter. As long as only one source is on at a time, it will work. Example. Alternatively you can get manual switches (3 in/1 out) for around a tenner.

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Many thanks to you both so far for your advice.
I am thinking about changing my Phillips as I've had it for some time and keep getting "no disk" errors which Phillips fixed then they started comming back again. The new Sharp HT-DV50 looks intersting and I believe comes with two optical spaces.
But back to your suggestion Dave of the splitter. Id I connect the PS3 via optical will I get surround sound ? I thought connecting to my HD tv via HDMI would provide surround sound as when I do it this way the sound does comethrough the speakers (tv speakers turned to 0 )
As you can tell I'm not good at doing this....but I do love it when it works haha


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By connecting the PS3 to the HDMI you are limiting the PS3 sound to stereo (2 channel) as that is all the TV will accept and output via it's digital/analogue output. I'm sure that there some TV's that have on board audio decoding for 5.1 etc. that can output to a set of 5.1 speakers or separate amp but I can't think of any at the moment.

There are lots of budget systems around with 2 optical connections. That's pretty much a minimum on most budget AV receivers but not all-in-one systems (like yours). The only all-in-one system that I've heard that are reasonable sound quality wise are the Sonys. The new Sony HT-SF1300 and HT-SS1300 models accept LPCM audio over HDMI and would give you HD audio from the PS3. :D Other budget options are the Yamaha AV61 and AV63 package, Sony 890 and Denon 1356XP. That Sharp system is only 2.1 so I wouldn't bother with it. All show and no go for me I'm afraid!!


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Dave, I'm extremley grateful for your advice. I will let you know what I decide to do and will probably be in touch again for more help !!!

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