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OK, first of all a run through on the system.
Toshiba 37LT56 LCD
Sony STRDB780 Receiver
Tannoy Mercury M3 Fronts
Tannoy Mercury MC Centre
Gale Sat10 Rears
Mordaunt Short Sub (the one that everyone on here raves about)
Pace Sky Box
Media Centre PC with Audigy 2NX(connected to TV using VGA D-sub)
Liteon HD-A740GX HDD/DVD Recorder

The connections that concern me are the visual ones as the audio uses cambridge audio co-ax and optical cables to the amp and decent RCA's.
I run all my sources into the recievers s-video ports and the TV is connected out of the recievers monitor port with s-video to the RGB enabled scart (via a convertor).
The Liteon recorder just turned up today and I have brought a JVC scart to s-video and RCA to use with it (will also be connected with cambridge co-ax for digital sound). The question is. Is this the right way to do it?? My receiver only has s-vid ports but both TV and DVD have component connections. Should I keep the receiver and just get a component cable and leave the s-vid switching in place for everything else upgrade the reciever (STRDB1200ES appeals) so it can switch component and HDMI (for the future) or what????

I have usually been pretty good at these thing but I get the feeling I may be on the wrong track here.



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s-video isn't the best option so you might see improvements connecting direct to the TV & different cabling.

Component should be better for the DVD, particularly if it has an option to enable progressive output.

RGB scart is normally the best option for Sky as long as you enable RGB rather than composite (PAL) output in the settings.

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