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Am I being taken for a ride with iPod repair?

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I recently paid a firm to replace a broken hard drive on my 80gb iPod. When I got it back it worked and it loaded up fine on my PC but the back cover was unacceptably damaged, the screen now had dead pixels and the new hard drive rattled around inside. Eventually the guy agreed to put all of these things right.
I got it back and everything appeared fine but there was no music on it. I connected it to my PC where it said that it was configured for a Mac?? I got past that but in the middle of loading I realised that the stated capacity was less than 30GB. I let it finish synchronising. Both my PC and the unit itself says there are 27 odd gb of used with 44 mb (Mega not Giga) of space remaining. Connecting it to 2 other computers produces the same result.
The chap offered no explanation other than 'your PC mustn't be reading it correctly'. He hasn't been able to explain why three computers see it the same way.
He has offered to look at it again but I'm reluctant to send it without checking to see what the people at avForums make of it.
Why would a new 80gb hard drive show as <30gb capacity on 3 different computers?
Would you trust this guy to put it right?


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Sounds like he's put the wrong different sized HDD back in. Which isn't unacceptable unless you knew of this and was part of the agreement. As long as he's not charging additionally I'd send it back to him, he does sound suspicious however you really don't have many choices.


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Thanks Lithane,
I took the unit to the Apple Store yesterday. They wouldn't open it up but seemed very sure that this was indeed a 30gb HDD inside.
I put this to the bloke who repaired it and his latest thought is that for some reason the unit has not been reset and that the iPod is holding the music twice on the hard drive.
I've restored the iPod yesterday and it still shows the same capacity.
Anyone ever heard of an iPod storing the music twice that could explein all of this?
The Apple people think he's moving parts around from all of these repairs.
What do you think?


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He's clearly a cowboy - there's no way the drive size would get reported wrongly like that. Just to check, plug it into your PC in drive mode, and see how big Windows thinks the external drive that appears in My Computer is.

I'd get Trading Standards involved sooner rather than later, and if you paid by credit card, get your credit card company involved as well. Might also be worth naming and shaming him here so no-one else gets ripped off in the same way.

FWIW, I wouldn't trust anyone other than Apple themselves with an iPod repair, and all they tend to do is throw your faulty one in the bin and send you a reconditioned model. Fixing them isn't a trivial task.


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Dear SPL23,

Thanks for your post. I did as you suggested and connected it in My Computer and it's saying exactly the same thing - 27.7gb capacity.
You know I might just send him the link to this thread and see if he wishes to explain what his game is?


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Let me begin by stating that i will gladly explain the chain of events.

An ipod is sent in for repair, it is broken.

Its established that it has an impact, bang whatever you want to call it and has a damaged hard drive that will require replacement

This ipod is a 80gb Ipod classic, they are if people who have posted on here a discontinued machine(they are only available in 120gb & 160gb now) realise, and an extremely difficult machine to open.

We opened the machine and replaced the hard drive, during the repair we try and minimise the amount of distortion the outer rear casing takes and on this occasion the tolerance was ok, there was a slight and i repeat slight kink on one side, the ipod was then tested, the hard drive was fine and then returned to its owner-mickster1 upon completion of repair very quickly.

Mickster then returned the ipod as we was unhappy with the back cover and indicated that he was unhappy with the screen as this has some damage,

we took the ipod back in and rather than have any issues we decided to both replace the screen and back casing, there was mention of rattling of the hard drive and whilst we could find no evidence of this we provided extra padding to ensure it was well protected.

we indicated that the screen could well have been damaged in the original impact as it was not something we could remember or had paid particular attention to but to assist we asked Mickster1 to pay for the replacement screen and postage, for which we charged 10 pounds, and i am sure you will agree was entirely reasonable, we just sought to cover our costs.

We then received communication from Mickster1 that he was unhappy as he found after uploading his music he had found that there was only disc space of 27.7gb, this we found very odd, and tried to trouble shoot as best we could as what might have happened, initially we thought that Mickster1 was mistaken and he was reading 27.7gb 44mb incorrectly and they should have both been gb, and further that from time to time music can be on a hard drive fitted, it can be reset and the hard drive has the music stored on it twice, in effect you have to reset the whole ipod again and start from scratch, i am sure people on here with experience would know that?

In any event through this whole process we have indicated to Mickster1 we have asked Mickster1 to resend in the Ipod so we can review,

It is possible for an incorrect hard drive to have been put in but we were seeking to clarify first of all, if it is incorrect we can replace it, it was certainly not our intention to do this and even more so it has been our intention to act in a proper way here and resolve the issue, Mickster1 response has been send me a full refund or i will take you to court!!

Well there is something fundamentally wrong with that, we fixed a broken Ipod and if there has been a mistake that does not mean you are entitled then to profit from that mistake, Mickster1 has indicated he does not trust us, he has indicated he feels scammed?? i ask why?

we have repaired a broken Ipod, then dealt with concerns following repair in a prompt manner & cost effective manner, so why now does a customer have the right to say i'll sue you, i have a perfectly working ipod, (with possibly an incorrect hard drive) but i don't think i should pay you. Thats not equitable and in this case i want to make it clear that i again repeat that i am more than willing to help Mickster1, prior to contributing to this forum i tried to call Mickster1, but he did not answer, i have throughout the last few days tried to help, NOT scam, Genuine HELP, and i ask you guys here to see my point of view here, if a mistake has been made we can rectify it, but to cart blanch label me/us as cowboys SPL23 is out of line to say the least.

For everyones info i sit here again awaiting either a call from Mickster1, or email whatever, lets try and resolve the issue rather than keep wasting precious time that i am sure that we both do not have.


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so if the mechanic asked you to bring back so he could resolve would you take it back or just leave the 2.0l in it and say you should have a full refund>?

a sensible answer pls


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I have only just been alerted to this thread

sussex32 has invited Mickster1 to get in touch to resolve this. And on that note this thread can be closed
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