Am I alone with my problem TV?


Barney Rubble

Just thought I'd share this little story with you, and would invite anyone with similar situation to comment...

Purchased a brand spanking new Sony KV-32LS35 (32" widescreen) from a High St retailer in Dec '01.

June - Noticed a slight pink block all down the far left of the screen about 2 inches wide from top-to-bottom. Very hard to see, had to walk all round the room and get it at the right angle on a bright white background to notice it.

"Hmm", I thought, "Still in warranty, its not right, lets get it sorted".

Eventually, I got round to calling the store who got their 3rd-party repairers round to look at it. "Needs degaussing", said the man. And promptly he waved his machine all around my tv set. (Look at and it says don't do this - found that out afterwards). Anyhow, this didn't help it one bit so they said they'd take it in for testing.

Two guys turn up in a ropey old van and take one look at the TV and explain their concerns about the unit getting damaged in transit (alarm bells). A week later they turn up with a roll of bubble wrap (alarm bells still ringing a bit here).

Off the TV goes, and 4 weeks later (to the day) it comes back. No damage, phew! They left me with the TV, I plugged it all back into the DVD, the Sat, the amp, etc. Bugger me, if it completely hasn't changed! The pink hue still there. A couple of irate calls later and another engineer turns up.

I'm ready for him! I've got everything unplugged from the TV, the aerial the lot! All I've got attached is my Sony DV Camera on a tripod pointing at the bright white sky (it's now September you see). The pink is as visible as you like and the engineer whimpers that he is amazed he never saw that in the workshop. A new CRT is the order of the day, and he thinks it's probably been like that since day 1.

Totally gutted that my £1100 tv is about to become a reconditioned unit I'm off telephoning the High Street retailer from where I bought it, saying I want a replacement. No joy. Phoned Sony direct (got a mate who works in the industry to get me a telephone number) and moaned and groaned. No joy. Said to the retailer if I buy a newer model, and he takes this one off my hands and comes to some arrangement over the price of a new model... no joy. Went to trading standards, no joy. Tried to contact Watchdog, no joy. After relentlessly checking out this and that I gave in and defeatedly accepted that they take it away and put in a new tube.

"No problem", they said. "We're a Sony Authorised Repair Center, and we do tube replacements all the time.", they reassured me. "It will be back with you in four days", they said.

So out they came and collected the TV on October 21st, (they don't think I noticed them cuffing the corner of it on the brick wall outside... best it isn't damaged when it comes back!).

Well, today is the 26th November (just over 5 weeks gone) and this weeks phone call to the repairer (I ring once or twice a week now!), informs me that it will definetly be worked on this week and they have all the additional tools from Sony they had to buy in to carry out the replacement of the CRT. They're going to ring me Friday or Monday they say to let me know how it got on.

[Sarcasm On] Oh yeah, sure you will. [Sarcasm Off]

Like the previous 7 or 8 times you have promised to call me, and haven't bothered. I've gone back to the retailer now and got them involved to do all the phoning around.

Anyone here got any tech knowledge with Sony Tube replacements? I've been told by the repairer:

* We need a new tool from Sony to be able to access the unit.
* It's been done, we're just letting it settle in.
* We need a new tool from Sony to calibrate it.
* We need to 'age' the unit now it has a new CRT.
* Its been a really tricky job, it actually looks 100% worse than when it came in (gasp!).
* There's somebody working on it right now.

Anyone know if I have any rights as to ask for a replacement now they've taken so long to repair it?

Also, what if they have damaged/scratched the external part? Fortunately I made them sign a document saying it was in immaculate condition, no scratches, etc. Unfortunately, this was when they first took it away - not this second time.

Anyone want updates on this fiasco?!



Yes please. Hpoe it works out in the end. I would just call Sony endlessly and then copy all your details in a letter to the MD of Sony UK marked private and confidential, to be opened by the addressee. And see what happens.

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