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Question Am I actually getting Atmos via my headphones?


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Hi, I've been trying to get Dolby Atmos for Headphones working with two different Atmos-enabled blurays tonight but whenever I check the playback info in the bluray app it says Dolby TrueHD instead of Atmos.

I have a 1080p screen and an older home theatre that is *not* compatible with Atmos. For my player I am using an Xbox One S.

I have a set of stereo headphones connected via 3.5mm jack to the Xbox controller. I have installed the Dolby Access app, as well as the Atmos for Headphones add on. I have even paid for the full licence.

My Xbox audio settings are set to Dolby Atmos on the headphone side, which correctly overrides the home theatre options on the Xbox. The Atmos tasters in the app play fine via headphones.

Basically, everything seems to be configured correctly. However, on one bluray the sound options on the main movie menu only allow me to choose 'English', whilst the other does allow me to select Atmos in the film's set up menu - but when both are playing, the 'i' screen on the bluray app shows playback for both as Dolby TrueHD.

Surely it should say Atmos? Or am I actually getting Atmos, but the 'i' screen is wrong?

Would appreciate any input :)

Munkey Boy

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Interesting problem, so I've just taken a few minutes to test it myself. I do have an Atmos amp and speaker set up, and when trying an Atmos Bluray, it both says Atmos on my amp and Dolby TrueHD in the Xbox Bluray app, just as you're seeing.

If I was a betting man, I'd guess this is the app reading the metadata from the audio stream incorrectly because my amp seems very happy (as do my ears - it certainly sounds Atmos).


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Thanks very much for taking the time to test it yourself.

Just to confirm, you have definitely unlocked the Atmos licence via the app?

Also am I correct in assuming from your test that you didn't use headphones - you were playing back via your home theatre and the bluray app's info screen showed TrueHD at the same time as your receiver showed Atmos?


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Thanks again - what a strange oversight. It means that when just using headphones you can't really be sure it's sending Atmos properly I guess!


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Excellent, was just about to stick Hacksaw Ridge UHD on, and thought I'd check here if the Atmos for Headphones trial is only for games, or if it works for 4K discs too. Sounds positive.

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