Am i about to downgrade here?


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Hi all. i'm slightly confused and would appreciate some input here.

Basically for the past 7ish years i have been the proud owner of a pair of genelic 8030a active monitors, which i use for both prodction work as well as listening. These spakers have been brilliant from day 1 but i'm in the process of relocating my studio upstairs so i now need i hifi to play my music on.

So anyway been looking at speakers to go with a marantz cr606, specifically B&W 603 s3 floor standers - i appreciate that these spakers do a completely different job to my genelics but i really like the look of the from a purely aesthetic point of view, but knowing nothing about passive spakers i dont know if im trading down sound wise? any help appreciated!


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The onky way to really tell is to go and listen to them and see (hear) what you think.


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yeah i do plan on listening, i'm just trying to get a handle on which range i should be looking at. it's tricky as i'm aware that i'm comparing apples to oranges
You are indeed, the genelics will be very accurate and will probably sound harsh compared to the B&W's.

The B&W's will probably sound "more" musical but they may sound less detailed than your used to.

Its impossible for anyone to say if it's a downgrade as you've already said your comparing two very different sounding speakers.

Maybe go for a slightly brighter sounding speaker so its not such a shock to the ears. Kef or Monitor Audio tend to be on the bright side.


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Maybe you should consider the XTZ 99.26 speakers, they're suppose to be very detailed with their ribbon tweeter.

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