Am I able to even put a Projector in my room? Help before I buy one!



Ok, I have been reading lots of posts about PJs and stuff and I have been wondering this whole time if it is worth the money to actually buy one. These are my intentions... I currently have a 55'' Sony HD TV in my room right now. This PJ would be for 1-3 people tops. I am putting it in my bedroom to watch movies and stuff like that. I occasionally may connect my computer to it, but I want the bulb to last as long as it possibly could. The dimensions on my beadroom are 14' wide and 16' long. Here is the best possible picture I can make for you... I know ASCII sucks but here it goes:

.......(PJ Mounted here)
._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|.......... - - - - - - .........|
|..........|_ _ _ _ _ |.........|
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
...........(Screen here)

Excuse the "."s and the "@"s because the forum automatically makes any lingering font go to the left.

Ok, so it didn't come out that bad, but I think you can probably get a pciture of what I'm looking at. Please remember... this is a bed room... not a Home Theater room. I am intending to watch the Projector from the bed. I drew the bed as to scale as I possibly could. I notice that the bed is quite large and I'm trying to decide if the room is 1.) too small for the PJ and 2.) if the whole bedroom thing is not a good idea and stick with my 55'' Sony HD TV. I would also like to put a tower or rack holding all of the A/V equipment (eg. Cable Box, DVD player, Computer, etc..) on the left or right side of the bed.

I have never seen this before and I am very much interested in doing it. I would like to get some professional advice before I go ahead and fork out the $5,000 or so to buy all of the equipment. If someone can help me, that would be great. And by the way, my dressers / other furniture is in the other section of the room which is much smaller so those will be out of the way.All of the walls in the bedroom are a few shades off cream. (almost a greyish cream color)

If someone can help me out, it would really push me over the edge and go ahead and buy the PJ. BTW, I am looking at the Sanyo PLV-Z4 at the moment.

Thanks in advance! :)
your room isnt too small, and im guessing your bed is a little overdrawn in size in the that or you have a kingsize bed for 2

i have an 86in screen from a 7205 Infocus Hi-Def projector in my bedroom, i actually watch from an armchair by the side of the bed (the bed is parallel, halfway along a long wall). my bedroom is about 12 x 18ft
and im very happy :)

be warned tho, once u have it, u will get addicted to using it for anything, not just
actually the width of your bed isnt so bad, but atm it looks like its around 8ft
It actually is 7 feet haha... its 84 inches rofl. But yea, Another thing I am worried about is... there is fan in the middle of the room and the little chains thats control the lights / fan hang down and I am afraid that I will not be able to ceiling mount the PJ. Let me know some alternatives for securing the PJ in place (not sitting on a shelf or anything like that)

Thanks again man ;)
One thing you will have to consider is screen size and the throw (distance from lense to screen).

Using this calculator at 16ft the Sanyos smallest diagonal screen is 7ft. Which may or may not be right for you.

You could however ceiling mount closer as you say if you can deal with your fan/lamp.

Other than that I can't see any problems and yes it is worth the effort.
I have a set up in a similar size room and it works well. The Z4 is a good choice as would be the Hitachi TX100 (which I have) or Panasonic 700 as all three have a good zoom lens and lens shift which makes it really easy to set up. You shouldn't have to think about ceiling mounts with these. A tall deep bookcase type unit about 5 to 6ft high and at least 12inches deep will allow you to simply place the projector on top and put the rest of your gear below on the shelves. A ceiling hung 80x45 inch screen down the other end of the room will do the job and the zoom/lens shift will take care of all the alignments. Go for it!
if rear mounting the projector on a shelf then make sure there is enough room for the exhaust to blow out all that hot air from the bulb. Some projectors have the exhaust to the side and some are at the back, some even at the front .

I don't know about the Z4 but the Hitachi and Panasonic both have front exhausts specially so they can be mounted on a shelf or cupboard top back against a wall
Hmm, I would like to have around a 100'' screen or higher... Should I go with a different PJ to have this size screen instead of a Z4? I noticed that you need to mount the Z4 like 20-25 feet away from the screen for this size of screen to be accomplished.

Let me know! :)

Using the Z4 Zoom (which you didnt if going by your calculations) you can generate a 100" screen from 11.5 foot back

You can see this using the calculator (see lee789's post) and setting the Diagonal Range to its full Zoom capability (which is 2X zoom for the Z4)

To place the projector on the back wall at 16 feet, and produce a 100" image you would need 1.45 Zoom factor which is fine.

I see, by using the Z4's Zoom, will that degrade the picture quality at all? Or will it lose some of the edges of the pictures?

What I'm saying is if you Zoom in with the PJ, will it make the picture look worse than if I didn't Zoom it in?

Thanks ;)
its an optical zoom, not a digital zoom on one part of the picture, so it simply enlarges the screen size....usually its good to have your lens on a slight amount of zoom rather than in its minimum setting....

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