Am after a good 16:9 screen - recommendations?



I've just aquired a 4805 and I'm after a good 16:9 screen not too expensive, any recommendations - not sure to go for either manual or electric so any recommendations/retailers welcome.

Also need somewhere good to purchase the M1 to DVI cable....

whats ur price limit? and what size?...i got 86in manual, nice quality too, £240 from Sevenoaks......fairly heavy duty material with hefty bottom bar, no ripples that i've noticed......

probably best to get the m1 to dvi straight from Infocus.....if its for a computer then u want the one with USB so u can control PJ from computer :)

or u can buy an DVI-M1 adaptor........

is this for a PC or a DVD player btw? if its for a PC, VGA cable is fine to be honest...cheaper too.....pop to PC world, get a Belkin DVI-VGA adaptor and then the Belkin heavy duty VGA cable (helps make sure no signal loss)...and if u need it longer they do an extension cable......set you back around £40-50 total....altho doesnt control the PJ from computer, i think u can get a cheap serial for that....
Price limit is probabaly 300 quid - could go more for an electric model.

Could i get away with spending just 200 on a decent manual screen?

I'd ideally like something like a 2.0m wide screen.

I will be connecting:
DVD player - via either hdmi or DVI
PC, pref via DVI (but could go VGA d-sub)
Xbox 360 via component initially, but may go VGA

It's for a new loft cinema conversion so I have scope to run as much cable in as i like...

so i guess i will need some sort of DVI and HDMI (HDCP compliant) switch box as well..... seem to have a good range - you can spend a fortune if you try. I had the Beamax 80x45 from them and it's currently about £160 (gone down since I purchased!!) Good heavy quality - I've had no problems with it. Nexnix also do their own brand electric screens at not bad prices
If it's for a dedicated cinema room then does that mean you could have a fixed screen? If so I would highly recommend it. An electric screen is no better than a manual screen as far as flatness/ripples etc. go unless you get tab tensioned which would be well over your budget. I had three manual screens before giving up on them. It seems that even the expensive ones don't stay flat for long! Although I've never had one, I believe fixed screens will stay flat.

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