Always-on Game mode on a 43A7300F?


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I have a 43A7300F 43'' Hisense 4K TV, which I mostly use for gaming. I have many older consoles (think Wii, PS3, OG Xbox, and so on), and I find that game mode is amazing for these: besides the obvious advantage of lesser input lag, it also applies nearest-neighbour scaling to the image (or something close to it) to go from 480p/720p to 4K. This is brilliant, as the games end up having this almost emulator-like appearance.

However, game mode seems to be broken. It always gets turned off whenever I shut down the TV, change source or even change resolution. It still appears like it's on in the settings, but to make it kick in I need to manually turn it off and on again. This is very inconvenient, and I was wondering if this might be a bug? I've updated the TV, and even reverted back to factory settings, but the problem persists. Does anyone know how to keep game mode on at all times, and have it actually work without needing to reset it every time?



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Not a reply to above, but I have a question about this model of tv, in case any owners could answer.

Can this tv play media files off a USB stick or hdd.

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