aluminium frame stud plasterboard wall plasma mounting help


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i need to mount a 30k plasma on a plasterboard wall, i have been told by the builders that the wall is an internal aluminium stud framed wall with plasterboard (18mm he thinks) the studs are 18" apart and are in the right position to be central to the plasma.

Advice please regarding what to use and how to use it to mount it


jonny round boy

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30K?!?!?! :eek:

I hope that's not £'s - if it is, it should be a pretty big screen...

As for the studs in the wall, I've seen the galvanised steel studding, but not heard of it in aluminium. Even the steel stuff I would be wary of fixing to - the steel is pretty thin & it's easy to strip out the screws. It's designed to support the weight of the plasterboard, but I don't know about anything else. Best thing I can suggest would be to find out who makes the studwork, and check the manufacturer's website for the specifications.

I've never known plasterboard to be 18mm thick either, unless it's a double layer of 9.5mm. Plasterboard is usually either 9.5mm or 12.5mm thick.

Hope someone else can help further.

jonny round boy

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OK, just re-read it - I'm guessing you mean 30kg, not £30k!!! :oops:


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I'd be tempted to put a slim FALSE wall in front of the existing wall, it will have all sorts of benefits, cable tidying being one, and you may even want to use this for your equipment.... integrating floating shelves and so on....


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yeah, 30kg not £30k....i wish!!...

I did consider a false wall, but all the cables and other equipment will be in the adjoining room.

if is fixed a wooden panal to the metal frame with nuts and bolts and mounted the plasma to that what do you think?

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