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it seems, that after years of using Yamaha WXA-50 with KEF-Q300 I make wrong and sold it. Audio quality was great, but because of using it with TV, I buy Harman Kardon Amp, that have HDMI ARC. Big mistake. Audio output is flat, without dynamic, corrections dont work, big volume steps, fan is starting/stopping cooling each few seconds (Here is audio). Only, what HK have and Yamaha not is, that it can on/off with CEC, can change input after TV i connected.

Yamaha has problems too. Loud fan (I have tuned it with Noctua fan connected, better cooling pads), sometimes overheating (Here is Yamaha problem). Yamaha cant changing input automaticaly, dont turn on/off after optical in (must by used with trigger - I use step-up from TV USB 5V to 12V trigger). MusicCast app have some problems too. External IrDa is problem too (cant be passive, must by 12V powered, Yamaha dont make it). But, audio with KEF was realy great.

So, question is. Buy Yamaha back, or is something else? Sonos Amp (not Connect:Amp, I have it before), or NAD D3045, that all have HDMI? Change KEF Q300 to something else? Buying subwoofer? Or is something other like this devices? I can accept something bigger (slim stereo streamer/receiver), but no big receivers, it is not for me, dont need X.X.X channels, max, what I need is 3.1, but 2.0 is with good dynamic ideal (as was that Yamaha with KEF).



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I have buyed for test Sonos Amp now. Better sound with that KEF compared to Harman Kardon Amp, but...Yamaha was way better.

Sonos Amp not support CEC on/off, because Sonos not support off device (except Move). Sonos App for iOS not good, not support beeter SMB than V1, mus by on NTLMv1 authentication on Synology to shared folder connect. EQ setting is hidden in device settings. Sonos is selling without remote controll.
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