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I have a DS410j. It's a relatively low spec compared to today's models. So, when I use DS Audio on my Samsung Android tablet, it can take minutes to navigate to a track.

However, when I use DS File it's very quick.

Also, DS Audio on Android does not support gapless replay.

So, what I am looking for is an app that
  1. replays gapless
  2. does not rely on the RAM and CPU of the NAS
  3. and will also let me stream to either an Airport Express (my Samsung is rooted to enable this and it does work with DS Audio) or via the USB output of the NAS (again, I have this working via a little plug in stick).
I've been searching for the solution to this for literally years!


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Sonos music system most likely I would guess is what your after.

The Sonos system scans the network shares and it has it's own tablet app for manage/playback.

Another option is XBMC for Android which can also build a media library by scanning the network shares, it can play to UPnP/DLNA devices but not to Airplay devices (tip:enable touched skin in appearance settings). Not sure if the Android version of XBMC supports gapless playback but it is free.

There probably is some other Android music app out there that scans network shares but I couldn't tell you which one.

Volumio is another thing, you install this on an Arm box like a Raspberry Pi or CuBox then have it scan the network shares and play music via web browser, it works with UPnP/DLNA and Airplay devices. I actually have a CuBox so I can give this one a try if your interested.
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Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that Sonos does NOT support gapless.

I'm already a big XBMC user. Unfortunately, again, at least on Frodo,it does NOT support gapless. I gather than the new Gotham version should address this. But unfortunately, I do not know of any way to update to Gotham on my Linux based streamers.


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Well I fiddled about with Volumio a little bit and it does support gapless (it's in the options) but I could not get it at all to play ball with any network shares I tried, it just refuses constantly to connect. I checked their forums and it seems to be a common problem, their network stack is extremely picky and not user friendly in any way. I ran out of patience and time to delve any deeper.

RuneAudio is another music focused embedded OS, they don't have a CuBox version yet but it seems to stem from the same original source project (Rasp Fi) that Volumio came from so probably has the same above problems.

If feeling adventurous you could buy a cheap R-Pi and have a play about with those but what you really only need is a good music player for your Android tablet, DoubleTwist is one of the better ones and supports Airplay but last time I checked it can't read NAS, it might have DLNA support.

Try searching Google Play for audiophile stuff.

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