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Alternatives to spotify?

Tommy Teapot

Well-known Member

Is there any decent spotify alternatives out there? paid or free services? i tend to get really bored with the albums i own, i like listening to other peoples created playlists etc as it adds a good bit of variety to what i would normally listen to. So, is there decent alternatives which have custom made playlists that can be listened to?

I appreciate the help.



Distinguished Member
I've used Napster and currently with Sony's Music Unlimited. Both good services and I only switched to MU because of a cracking deal through playstation plus. I've not used spotify, so cannot compare, but when I've researched services in the past, I didn't feel a need to switch to Spotify.

Music unlimited is well supported on Android, which is a bonus for me, especially with offline support :smashin:

Edit: There's last.fm and other alternatives. I have a Jango account, which I used to use a lot, but seems very ad based now and Pandora was great when I could access it.


Distinguished Member
I don't think there's a free version of MU. There's a free Jango android app, but its not quite the same as Spotify, it builds stations based on the bands you enter.


Distinguished Member
I'm considering similar, I rarely buy music anymore and seem to have got in a rut listening to what I know I like already, my added annoyance is I'd like both android and squeezebox to work, so really i'm limited to spotify, deezer or napster. I don't think any of them work on squeezeboxes or android off of the top tier subscription so doubt I'm going to get anything for less than £9.99 a month, I'm considering just taking the plunge on spotify, if i don't use it it's only a couple of months I have to pay up for, plus i've used it before with the free model and the audio quality is definitely good.

May I ask why you don't want spotify? Is there a reason for wanting a competitor or are you just curious? In my search I've uncovered pure music, rdio as well as sonys MU and the previously mentioned napster and deezer. most reviews seem to suggest spotify has the edge on audio quality and the polish of some apps, napster has some nice extra touches on it's android app too but generally the reviews i've been reading seem to suggest you wouldn't go far wrong with any of them, none are outstandingly better than the rest but spotify seems to edge it quite a lot... as long as you don't need access from a web browser that is

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