Alternatives to current setup

Hello :hiya:

May be an interesting one for my first post as i am in a little bit of a tricky situation.

I currently have a setup of the below.

Montior Audio 270HD Fronts
Monitor Audio R90HD Rears on stands
An old Yamaha Amplifier :thumbsdow

I paid full whack for them not so long ago but upto now dont think i have benefited at all given my only needs for surround sound is mainly the TV, Xbox and the "odd" DVD. Also given that i do not have the full setup i am sort of wasting money as i dont have the money to get the rest anytime soon.

The reason i am thinking on changing is because of the above but also because i have a few outstanding bills i need to pay asap which totals £350. I am now resigned into having a "all in one system" or perhaps just upgrading my speakers or should i say downgrading but to something that suits me better at a cheaper price such as the Jamo HCSA102's ?

I have also been looking at the Onkyo HCS3005 setup, what i like about this is the fact you get an amplifier so if in future i want to upgrade the speakers i can. Also thought about a proper all in one without an amp such as the Panasonic SC-PT870EB-K

Im looking at spending about £300 once i sell what i currently have and pay off the bill, thats what ill have left or there abouts.

Does anyone have any suggestions what to look at or consider other then what i have said?
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nothing wrong with it, was just thinking if i am selling the speakers i can either sell the amp or keep it depending on what my options are


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Now that I've spent the day listening to the Technics "New Class A" amp, it occurs to me that I would've had listening fatigue by now with the Yamaha. I would look for one of these if you don't care much for the Yamaha. You can get a darned good amp for under 100 USD on Ebay. Bear in mind that these old amps predate home cinema and thus don't have video switching options. This may not be a problem if, as you say, you seldom use it for that purpose.

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