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Just wondering if there are any views here on +/- points on alternatives around the same price point to the Benq W1720? Ideally a model sold by Richer Sounds.

I am on my second W1720 with the same fault with mad light scatter developing around and on the screen after about 30 hours use. This is what both units ended up looking like on the wall way beyond the screen and with a bit if paper up close to the lens:


I'm not a perfectionist but don't think this is acceptable after only 30 hours use and both were the same. Both were new but made in July 2019 so I am wondering if there was a faulty batch.

I am going to talk to Benq but Richer Sounds are suggesting the possibility of swapping to another model. I must admit by faith in Benq's quality control is a bit shaken. The last Benq projector I had was a PE8700 in about 2003 which was one of the first 720p projectors. After 4 years the main board died and it turned into a £5k brick which apparently was not uncommon.

Anyway, I'd guess the alternatives are the Optoma UHD30 & UHD42 and the Benq TK800M and TK810. I was quite happy with the W1720 apart from the light issues - anyone have any idea how the above models compare?

Of course, I could try another W1720 - has anyone else has the same issues?


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Yes, but like your post I heard crickets(!)

Here's my post:

RS sold me one of these lemons via Amazon!
I've shipped it back today
Did you return yours?
I love the image and like you I thought I had a rogue unit but perhaps its a common issue with this model.


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Yes, that's exactly it. What is the serial number of the unit you have? I am wondering if it is the one I sent back to Richer sounds as faulty and they have simply resold it directly as "renewed"?

Anyway, having ended up going round in circles with Richer Sounds I went to Benq direct with the second unit and they took it in for repair. It is now back and the sparkly ball effect has been fixed. I'm still not 100% happy with the light distribution as there is still some (but minor) extra light at the bottom of the screen but it is very minor. Richer have offered to change to another unit and I am undecided what to so (although they haven't replied with options anyway - they are not good at replying to emails).

This apart it is a very good projector for the price. If you get nowhere with Richer I'd contact Benq and see if they'll repair it. Took about a week's turnaround.

Richer Sounds

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Hi there,

I was sorry to read on the thread of the problems that some of you have experienced with BenQ projectors bought from ourselves.

So that I may investigate asap, and resolve each case, please could anyone having problems drop me a PM with their contact details?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Griffiths
Head of Customer Services
Richer Sounds

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