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I have 2 TVs in my house.

The reception on both is pretty crap.
I have a wire from a self-installed aerial (on the roof) coming into the house into a Y splitter which then feeds both TVs.

Since the reception is almost non existant, is there an alternative I can use to a traditional aerial.

What can I do to ensure maximum signal quality for Terrestial TV and Freeview on both TVs.

Appreciate the help.

I have Cable but that only works on one TV. The other TV needs Terrestial and Freeview channels.

Is there any suitable equipment which would be a substitute for an aerial?

Thanks, I already have cable with all those channel but I'm not looking for another service.

Instead, I just want a way where I can still view my terrestrial channels and freeview with better equipment.

Any suggestions?

moving this thread to the Freeview forum where it might get more results :)
Better aerial (perhaps you need a different type) and/or better alignment.

One each for each TV, not shared/split.

And better downleads.

If that still doesn't improve things, try using masthead amplifiers.

I was thinking more along the lines of something completely different so I wouldn't have to deal with the problems associated with aerials altogether.

Are there no alternatives?

Maybe they just dont exist.

Your right they don't exist, your not going to get any reception without one on a tv/freeview box.
Probably you are best getting a professionally installed aerial. All methods of delivery have their problems. Satellite is by no means problem-free either.

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