Alternative ways to capture audio in an amateur documentary


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Not in any particular order, some thoughts/answers...

Mixer - example: Alesis-8 USB - but it's £129 (Maplin, UK) but Alesis a World Brand should be available locally. However, this is 8-inputs and needs a USB-input PC/Laptop. Personally, I think you need to try that Panasonic voice-recorder -and- sort out the sync issues.
If you know an electronics friend he'll be able to make you a 2-ch mixer for a quarter of this . . .but the Alesis may come bundles with Cubase LE software, which would be useful for a small music group... for future use?

PalmTrack and Zooms are good for music recording(CD-quality), but I think it's an overkill - at least until you try that Panasonic - indeed I'm surprised you haven't done this as it would take so little time - less than writing a reasoned reply.

Lavallier mics sling round the neck - Do you really want tie-clip? (as used in News Reports, etc.) - they are a variety of prices, but need not be expensive for speech-only. Expect to pay £20-ish - but watch the lead-length and plug, so it fits whatever recording means you choose (this is a nightmare!). Pro-quality tie-clips are £120 but are much better/stronger/smaller..... some include a pre-amp as well.

I think you need to do some experiments with what you have - then let us know how it meets your needs...


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Thanks for information. Could you just give me any real model/type of the mentioned microphone mixer? It will be useful for me to find similar one in stores from here. Best, Cadu

Not sure if it will help much (the one I have is years old - tend to a bit of a hoarder :D)

As 12Harry says a small battery powered one should do the job.


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