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Alternative to the Squeezebox


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I have successfully running around my house the LMS and multiple devices, but the brother inlaw wants something similar. With the SB discontinued is there any other system that does it all like the SB. Of course the Sonos, HEOS and Jongo have the necessary hardware for amps, active speakers but do they all offer the same streaming facilities of the SB?
1. Stream from a single source - NAS Box
2. BBC Iplayer
3. Internet Radio Streaming - Without the need to register for any specific sites

Cost wise the Sonos and HEOS appear similar but the Jongo seems to be a very cheap alternative..


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If you already have amps and speakers in other rooms think about Gramofon at 59euros. (I bought one for my daughter). I have a Panasonic All1 and 8 (ebay refurbished from Panasonic outlet).

Don Dadda

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All those listed requirements i'm sure quite a few streamers can accommodate but I'm pretty convinced you wont get a like for like for a SB with all the things that a SB is capable of for similar price and beyond unless you get a secondhand one of the bay.
As PITA the LMS software can be ( or was for me), what it can do and the price you paid was second to none IMO. I'm still baffled why they discontinued it rather than improve the LMS, provide a decent controller app or take a different approach to the design.


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Chromecast audio?
Multi room sync, playlists, guest mode, plugs into you existing HiFi, stream off nas apparently.
Not sure about iPlayer, although iPlayer does suppose video casting.
Not got one myself, might get one, switched the squeezebox offer a few years back after tiring of its flakiness.


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I replaced the SB Boom in the kitchen with a Sonos Play:1 stereo pair. In terms of sound, the Sonos is a huge improvement. My kitchen is quite big and the stereo separation creates a proper soundstage that was severely lacking with the Boom. The integrated room tuning sorts out any issues caused by placement and I'm very impressed.

Now to the (several) downsides. If you thought LMS was flaky my experience with the Sonos server software is that it's far worse. I have it running on the same hardware as LMS, which has run without issue for years now. Every few weeks, I'll select a track from my music collection and it won't play, throwing up a message that the file was not found. Meanwhile, the SB hardware in the other rooms is seeing the file just fine. Restarting the software is not enough, I have to reboot the whole computer. Now this might be just an issue with my particular hardware/software configuration, but it's bloody annoying when my SB devices see the music just fine.

I can't comment on iPlayer compatibility since I don't use it, but it supports Deezer and internet radio stations just as well as SB.

The Sonos playback system also works differently to SB in that it's purely queue-based. On the SB I'm used to selecting a track and it plays right away, after which the following tracks in that album play. On the Sonos it goes to the end of the queue by default. You can tell it play the track immediately, but after that track is done it won't automatically play the remaining in songs in that album - playback will just stop! You have to queue up the whole album and then go to the queue tab and select the track you want! It takes some getting used to.

There is finally one more ergonomic issue. The preset buttons on the SB devices are very useful in letting you quickly select favourite radio stations. The lack of such buttons on the Sonos means that you have to launch the app from a smart device and then choose your radio station. This is the one thing that my wife is always complaining about - when she's cooking in the kitchen she's used to selecting radio stations from the buttons on the Boom. Now she has to wash and dry her hands before using the smartphone/tablet to change stations.

To summarise, my Sonos Play:1 pair sound a lot better than my Squeezebox Boom and Squeezebox Radio, and support the same online services (except for iPlayer which I can't comment on). However, there are several usability issues that could be frustrating.


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He could buy some second hand Squeezeboxes or even build some (there is a thread on here somewhere detailing how to do this).

I've still not seen anything come close to the Squeezebox ecosystem and the user support over on the Squeezebox forums is still brilliant.


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In my opinion this Zettaly Avy Portable Bluetooth 4.0 HiFi Smart Speaker (White), WiFi Internet Radio Powered By Android 4.4 Kitkat with Built-in 7 Inch Quad Core Tablet and Google Play: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories is a very good streamer. I got mine not that long ago for £100 its now gone up to £120 for some reason. But it has a nice interface and good design for acting as a hifi interface, it has both hdmi and 3.5mm out. If you use hdmi and plug into an av receiver, you will be using the AV receivers dacs for ultimate quality. It has android, so you can put any app you want on it, or if nerdy enough you can write your own! But I use, amazon prime music and google play, as well as flac files from my home server. The quality of the sound through hdmi is very good, and the interface for pod casts and searching for music is unbeatable for a fixed point system. You can also down load control apps to control from your phone- but it also comes with an infra red remote.

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