Alternative to Pioneer 565 DVD player?

BAD Dave

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Having read all the rave reviews, I have been on the verge of buying a Pioneer 565 DVD player for several months.
Unfortunately, two niggles have stopped me:
1. the RGB banding problem on Panasonic TVs (I have one!)
2. the weak subwoofer output from 5.1 analogue sources (SACD & DVD-A).

Is there any similarly priced alternative which plays DVD-A, SACD, and JPEG? I do not need progressive scan just yet.

Even a cheap Chinese unit would do for now! I just want something to allow me to explore multichannel music until HDMI comes along and makes connecting up a whole lot simpler and more efficient. I promised the wife I would upgrade to something involving fewer wires!



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The way I have found to combat the low subwoofer output on the unit is to calibrate all the other speaker levels with an SPL meter then reduce all levels by 10dB except the the sub level which effectively gives the sub a 10dB boost, sounds a lot closer to the Arcam DV89 which I use which sounds fantastic without any messing about.

BAD Dave

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Thanks for that, Crustyloafer.
I will tinker with the speaker outputs on my Yamaha DSP A5 amplifer and see if it makes any difference. If it works I might still buy the Pioneer DVD.

Ed Selley

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If you don't need Prog scan the Marantz DV6400 is worth a look as it is very impressive sonically and has an interlaced picture as good as the 565. Cheapest I've found it is £288.

BAD Dave

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Thanks, Ton of Fun.

Marantz 6400 indeed looks promising.
Details/reviews are scant. Is it a new model?

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