Alternative to Aiport Express for streaming music?


I want to be able to easily switch the output on a computer from the attached speakers to an amp/speakers, which the airport express is ideal for, especially as the computer in question is running iTunes. However, I've heard there are problems with setting up the Airtunes with existing non-Airport wireless kit.

The computer in question has a wired connection to a Netgear DG834PN wireless router, which I don't think has WDS and this apparently makes things harder to configure. The problem I guess is that the Airport Express is actually a wireless network in itself and you have to bridge it with your existing network.

Is there a simple alternaitve to the Airport Express? I'm not interested in paying the extra expense for devices that come with displays and remotes etc., the music will be controlled from the PC using iTunes, I just want a wireless device that connects into a stereo so I can use the speakers attached to that stereo when desired.


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I can't think of any others that will work with itunes, I'll have a look for you.

Otherwise, the Netgear MP101 might be worth looking at as its cheaper than the Apple anyway


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You can get your airport express to join to an existing wireless network (from your netgear).... Mine does this fine. In the config you need to select Wireless client from the drop down box on the first page and give it the network name and encryption key.


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