Alternative to ‘bulky’ Thor scart lead…


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I put my first post on here a short while back looking for help with ‘pixalation’ on my TV.
One suggestion was that I try a new scart lead and as mine really was ancient I purchased the Thor scart that was recommended.

The problem I have now is that the Thor lead protrudes just that inch or so more than my old scart lead meaning my sky+ box doesn’t quite fit onto the shelf in my unit. This means I cant use it as the doors of my cabinet wont close any more!

As opposed to the Thor lead my old lead goes out at a slight angle and thus only sticks out a couple of inches or so… the Thor really is quite bulky and the wire is straight on to the scart connection.

So here (eventually) is the question…
Can anybody recommend a lead as good as the Thor, that won’t cost the earth but that may be a bit more streamlined or take up less space at the back of my sky+ box?!

By the way, if anyone doesn’t think this will solve my initial problem or has any other advice I’d be most grateful. Check out my other post for details of the problem!

Thanks in advance.


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Did the Thor help with the problem? If it didn't why not just swop back to your old one.

If your cabinet has doors then it might be worth cutting out some of the back of the unit to help with heat build up alone, plus it'll allow the Thor to fit. Sky+ boxes can get quite warm and probably shouldn't be shut away with no ventilation

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I had/have a Thor lead and its like this at the ends.

If yours is the same, try a "side entry" one like the QED Sqart

It may just give you a bit more room to bend your cable in your cabinet.
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