Alternative Stand for Sony 55HX853 / Cantilever?


I despise this stand I am stuck with for the 55HX853.

There are many nice TV stands about however with this tv being 55 inches it is MUCH MUCH harder to find one, at least, for a decent price.

My budget is limited as I spent everything on this TV which cost me £1438.

I would spend 200 at the very most.

I have looked on Amazon but I am just not sure what to do as choice is so thin.

Something along these lines? MountRight 210 Cantilever TV Stand For Up To 60" LED: Electronics

Or this?

Don't get me wrong, I would love one with a swivel, however finding an appropriate one for a decent price seems near impossible I am prepared to simply make do with a very basic one for now, I would prefer to spend around 100 but at a huge push could make maybe £180ish

Really ANY suggestions would be great, I cannot stand how long the included stand is for the HX853 not to mention this god awful tilt it has which while may be great for some, it is TERRIBLE for others.

I guess as I have never mounted a huge LED TV before I am a bit afraid I am going to do something wrong or end up with the wrong or inappropriate item from amazon.

Many thanks for any advice. :lease:
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many thanks for the reply.

I am under no circumstances paying more than £200.

The links you gave me look very nice but also look expensive.

I am wondering what do you mean do not worry about the size of the TV? all the stands I see are marked for 'for UPTO XX inch TV's' or something like that.

I have only found a couple of stands which look like they would be suitable for a 55+ inch TV on amazon

EDIT: ROFL £799 lol sorry mate not happening in a million years.. I could buy a sweet Plasma TV for downstairs for that lol

Right now my 55HX853 is on an old Ottoman...


Seriously though.. I had this about a year back and it is absolutely perfect, and really effective and cost me about 55 quid.. I see plenty of these sorts of things with a TV style bracket on amazon but I find anything which says it can support 55+ inches is very VERY minimal.

Mate I am honestly not gonna get one of them silly priced stands


Would that work?
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The reason I say don't worry is most errrr specced when screens weighed alot more compare the mass of the Sony to one from 5 years ago, they have dropped in mass massively. The stand you linked to is an option entirely up to you
many thanks for the reply, appreciated.

I thought the reason they have screen size was to do with the size of the bracket it was to attach to? seems if that was not the case, if they were all just uniform, would they not just list.. "for tv's upto max WEIGHT **kg" for example?


The specification reads..

Mobile TV stand with free-moving wheels and brake, Premium quality and heavy duty, support up to 40 Kgs in weight

VESA-compliant bracket for 19" - 37" plasma/LCD TVs (*see Notes below)

TV bracket able to tilt up/down 20° , and freely swivel 360°

Telescopic pole for adjustable height: 102 to 142cm <li> Easy to assemble; fittings & assembly instructions included

I mean that thing looks like it would be absolutely perfect and it holds weight much mroe than my TV - but I am hardly gonna buy it when it says UPTO 37inch TV's right?

EDIT: WAIT A SEC - I just found this at the bottom.. "Notes: All wall-mountable flat screen TVs have 4 threaded holes at the back, the horizontal/vertical distances between these holes decide which TV bracket is suitable. If the distances of your TV are: horizontal = 200 or 100 or 75, and vertical = 200 or 100 or 75, then your TV is compatible with this FS940 mobile TV stand."

Is that right? I need to measure the holes and check them with w/e bracket I intend on buying?

Sorry this is TOTALLY new to me so I am trying to learn as i go.
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Many thanks, I am finding it hard to find compatibility information on my sony

the stand says "suitable for medium to large size Plasma/ LED/ LCD TV with VESA 800x400 or less mounting holes."

I am currently googling sony 55hx853 vesa with no luck

EDIT right I think my TV says VESA 300x300 ? pretty sure thats what it is, so does that mean this stand will be compatible? I am finding it a little hard to understand it all tbh
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I looked in the manual but still cannot find them.

I ordered that stand, fingers crossed.
Thanks very much for all the help mate, and truth be told I am not a Sony fan myself, I actually like Panasonic more, however, I went through 2x L47ET5B with awful banding before I decided to give this 55HX853 a go.

Much less invasive banding and I am extremely happy with picture quality, but from what I understand it is all just luck of the draw with banding and the like.

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